Kim Doyle

Kim D

We used Roger Welsh from Coldwell Banker Realty.   He is a longtime friend and has been in the valley a long time.    We felt that he worked extremely hard and listed our property at a fair price.   Our problem was more the acreage than the outbuildings (we only had one barn and some corral panels).   At first our buyer actually really liked our property but did not make an initial offer because they got misinformation from the county about the possibility of splitting it up into smaller parcels.   Roger re-contacted our buyer, got a letter from the county to straighten out the misinformation and worked diligently to make a successful sale.   He then worked with us to purchase a new home with a very difficult seller.   The biggest problem seems to be with the appraisers – they don’t seem to know how to correctly appraise horse property.   I know it is the law in Utah that realtors cannot influence the appraisers but Roger seems to have a good relationship with most appraisers and they seem to value his opinion.  The other thing he had us do was pay for our own home inspection prior to listing the property so that we could fix most anything that came up prior to receiving an offer.   We also spent a huge amount of time and effort with getting the yard “picture perfect”, updating the inside of the home with new paint, new kitchen, hardwood floors, etc.   We staged the house using his “home stager professional”.   We felt that in order to get what we felt was top dollar it was important to do all the work that he recommended. Good luck and positive thoughts coming your way on a successful sale!

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