• A comprehensive marketing plan is the key to reducing vacancy (lost rent)

  • There is no task too small or property too big for us to handle.

  • We efficiently bring all the moving parts of management together.

  • We provide 24-7 emergency maintenance for your peace of mind.

  • We quickly fill vacancies with quality tenants.

Are You Ready for a Change?

Logan Property Management

When seeking services for property management Logan Utah residents are often looking for ways to limit the demands of owning rental properties. At Cache Real Estate, we understand how important these investments are. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial management services. With our help, investment property owners can start seeing better returns from their buildings. They will also have far more time on their hands for pursuing other investment endeavors or for simply enjoying the rewards of wise investment decisions.

Leasing Services

From marketing your vacancies to finding high-quality tenants and keeping these individuals happy, we can handle these efforts from end to end. Our experience has allowed use to create a seamless system for screening prospective tenants. With our help, you can create comfortable living communities that people will be proud to stay in. We use comprehensive criminal and background reports to weed out undesirable applicants. We also perform extensive credit, income and employment reviews which ensure that all residents are financially secure and capable of paying their rent on time.

When property owners attempt to handle these efforts on their own, a number of vital details that can get overlooked. More importantly, they often find that keeping all vacancies full and creating the perfect blend of tenants is a major, time-consuming ordeal. This is something we are more than happy to do on behalf of our clients as it helps property owners recognize optimal profits and avoid a number of troublesome tenant issues. This, however, is just one of the many benefits you can gain by working with a trusted Logan property management company like ours.

Centralized Accounting

We also handle accounting needs for property owners as part of our Logan property management services. At any time, you can get a real time view of your accounts and a clear understanding of how all of your properties are performing. We also have an online tenant payment portal which helps to simplify the rent collection process and lowers the likelihood of late payments. Additionally, we offer owner direct deposit payments so that property owners always have access to fast, reliable distributions each month. With consistent revenue streams, our clients are better able to manage their existing investments and plan for the future.

We’ll Keep Your Units Full

One of the major downfalls of investment property owners attempting to handle everything on their own is failing to market empty units effectively and offer sufficient resident incentives for keeping units full. We are proud to be a Logan property management company that is known for helping their clients maintain consistent revenue streams. We make it our job to help you recognize your true profit potential by minimizing tenant turnovers and filling empty units fast.

Our experience has allowed us to design and implement robust marketing campaigns that generate substantial amounts of consumer interest. More importantly, everything we do to preserve the value and appeal of your buildings will help these properties establish the right local reputations. With our help, you can have people eagerly waiting for a chance to become one of your tenants. We also stay abreast of local rental rates and all of the latest trends within the community.

Why You Should Be Using The Services For Property Management Logan Utah Trusts

If you haven’t taken advantage of the services for property management Logan Utah companies provide, you are likely working too hard for too few returns. Our Logan property management services are designed to help you increase the overall value and appeal of your buildings. We conduct regular interior and exterior property inspections to ensure that all areas are up to code and everything is in optimal condition. The attention and care we give our work allows us to identify minor problems and resolve them before these things have a chance to spiral out of control. This can save you unlimited money in replacements and repairs throughout the years. It can also limit your insurance costs by reducing the need to file claims and will certainly keep your residents happy.

We Know What Tenants Want

Building residents are often happiest when they have access to maintenance and management teams that are capable of responding fast. We offer around the clock maintenance and emergency response services so that all building issues are addressed in a timely fashion. This minimizes damages and keeps resident satisfaction levels at an all-time high.

Fully-Trained Management Staff

Our management teams address all tenant and prospective tenant needs with the utmost professionalism. In fact, we are well-known for our impeccable ethics and integrity. Not only will this build a better reputation for your buildings, but it will also ensure that you fare well should troublesome legal issues arise. You can count on our teams to be both consistent and trustworthy in each of their duties.

The Services We Provide

We can help you out with all aspects of property management and maintenance for your single-family homes, multi-family homes and commercial buildings. We enjoy what we do and this means that we are guaranteed to always have the time, patience and understanding that is required for maintaining optimal tenant relationships and an impressive property image.

We have ample staff and resources for ensuring that each one of your properties and tenants is getting exactly what is needed. We also go out of our way to ensure that all accounting and payment distribution processes are fast, seamless and hassle-free. There is never a question of when building owners are going to get their money and our efforts ensure that our clients’ investments are always generating the best possible returns.

Call us today or fill out our online contact form to find out how we can help you generate more profits from your current property investments and save more time in the process. We can help you turn your investments into truly passive income streams. With our qualified management and maintenance professionals on board, there is very little that you will have to do for your properties apart from enjoy the profits they are guaranteed to produce.