For many Coldwell Banker customers, Real Estate Investments are of highest priority. While we focus on property management, we have created a portfolio system that allows our investors to quickly and easily analyze and maintain their Real Estate Investments. Our investors work within a defined level of risk as we aid in the research and purchasing process of properties for the greatest Return on Investments (ROI) for our clients.

The Real Estate Investments process goes as follows:

  • Investor Meeting and Analysis

– A Broker, Sales Agent, Accountant and Maintenance Manager from the firm meet with the Investor to determine the primary objectives of the person wanting to invest.
– Common investment objectives may include: ROI, Cash-on-Cash Return, Holding Period, Financing Parameters, Maximizing Cash Flow and/or Capital Appreciation

  • We Create a Hypothetical Portfolio

– A hypothetical portfolio allows us to project gross rents, maintenance and management costs, and vacancy rates; all of these factors are determined through a management pool of properties based on actual management data as well as other available market data.

  • Implementation

– When a hypothetical portfolio meets the Investor’s objectives, the investment team begins to put an actual portfolio together for the Investor by making offers and closing on properties followed by collecting rents and actively managing the portfolio.

  • Portfolio Performance and Review

– Once the portfolio is established, we perform routine reviews and evaluations with the Investor to improve strategies and maximize the Investor’s return.

To request more information or to speak with a member of the Investment Analyst Team, please contact us at 435-753-8824 or send a message through the Contact Us page.


Self Directed IRA’s


Are You Looking for Stable and Predictable Income?

One of the major problems facing people preparing for or nearing retirement today is receiving an adequate return on their investment money without taking too much risk. With wide swings in the stock market, stocks may be too risky for those relying on their investment funds for income. And with Bond and CD rates at historical lows many investors are not generating an enough income to be able to sustain themselves without depleting their investment funds.

Invest Locally

Although many investors are facing this dilemma, there are sound solutions to solve this problem and the solutions may be right here in our own back yard. The Cache Chamber of Commerce recently put out a booklet titled, “The #1 City in the #1 State” which extolled the Utah economy compared to the other states and praised the Cache Valley economy and how it was drastically less affected by recent recession compared to the rest of the state.

Because the Cache Valley economy has been so stable over the years, including during the last economic downturn, Cache Valley residents are in a unique situation where they are able to invest their retirement funds right here locally and still receive a respectable return on their money within a relatively safe investment. So what is this investment? Real Estate.

Although the local real estate market did suffer a downturn in the past recession, the local economy continues to grow and expand as more people continue to migrate to Cache Valley.  Rents mostly remained stable even in the face of the worst recession in decades and the long term outlook looks very positive for the housing market. Most real estate investors receiving rents through the last recession were largely unaffected and many investors are looking to expand their real estate investments.

You Can Owner Real Estate in Your IRA

With a Self-Directed IRA, also known as a Real Estate IRA, you are not limited to just the traditional investment options normally associated with retirement accounts such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With a Real Estate IRA, you have much greater flexibility in the number of investment choices you have, including investing in real estate right here in Cache Valley.

So What Comes Next?

So now you may be saying “This sounds promising  but… the paperwork… and managing property… NO THANKS!”  There is no need to worry; we have taken the pain out of the whole process. In fact, we handle the whole process for you from start to finish, from rolling over your retirement funds to an eligible Real Estate IRA to leasing and managing your property. With over 30 years of experience we will help you maximize your income and we will use our experience to minimize your costs and safeguard your investment.

More about Self Directed IRA’s

If you have an investment account that is not an IRA, you may still be likely to invest in a Real Estate IRA simply by first rolling over that account to an IRA. Accounts eligible for rollovers are 401Ks, 403Bs, 457 Plans, SEP IRAs, Simple IRA’s to name the most common.

Real Estate IRAs have strict rules in “self-dealing” meaning you are limited in the way that you use and manage real estate owned by an IRA. For instance, you can’t use money from your self-directed IRA to buy a rental property for your own personal use. This is because there is too much potential for investors to avoid the tax liabilities gained from the rewards of owning the real estate in the IRA. Therefore, the tax code will not allow you to personally use real estate that is owned by your Real Estate IRA among some other restrictions. Please see the following brochure for the Rules and Regulations of self directed IRA’s.

If this seems like it might be a possibility for you or simply want more information, please contact us. We’d would be happy to discuss your situation to see if this might be right for you.

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