For Sellers

Knowledge, skill and experience can make tens of thousands of dollars difference in the selling price of your property. You created a plan, worked the plan, and eventually purchased your home or investment property. You are certain, or at least believe, your property has increased in value. It’s also likely you paid down some of the balance on your mortgage. In other words, you have been smart and worked hard to increase and protect your investment.

Now that it’s time to sell, it is more important  than ever to safeguard what you have worked for. Buying and selling a home can be an emotional experience as much as a financial one. And, whenever emotions are involved there is a risk of letting our emotions cloud our better judgment. The Real Estate Agents at Coldwell Banker have represented the interests of thousands of clients over the years and are experts in the selling process. Whether you need a quick sale because of a job transfer, you are looking to upgrade your current home or investment, or just thinking about selling your property, having a Coldwell Banker Agent represent you will be an invaluable asset.

Listed below are the time tested steps your Coldwell Banker Agent will employ to ensure you get the best value for your property.

1. Determine Property Value

Understanding what your home is worth can help you decide whether or not to sell, how to price your property, and whether your property is holding its value.

We help you first by performing a comparative market analysis of your property based on the most recent local sales and prices in your neighborhood. This analysis will be the best measurement of what you can expect your property to sell for at the point of time that you decide to sell. Your agent will have an in depth understanding for what drives home values such as: market conditions, architecture, quality of construction, landscaping, even just how the house feels as you are in it.

2. Make Showing Recommendations

Our agents know from experience that the more appealing your house is the more likely you’ll have interested buyers and more likely it will be to sell your home faster and for a higher price. We also have an understanding of the need to balance improvement costs to the items that will most positively increase the appeal of your house and its value for the least amount of expense. In other words, we know how to get the “biggest bank for your buck”.

3. Implement Marketing Campaign

Once your home is ready to show, we will implement a robust marketing campaign including placing a sign in the yard, entering your property into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and strategically placing advertisements in many other additional effective marketing channels. The key to an effective marketing system is to know and understand the target market for your type of property and how to reach the potential buyers to get the maximum exposure for your property.

4. Negotiate the Best Deal

Our objective is to sell your house at the best price and terms for YOU. There are a few important techniques we follow when negotiating the sale of a property and these rules are also designed to obtain the best terms for you. As you agent, we never take it personal. This allows us to take the emotion out of the negotiating process. For example as agents, we would  tend not be insulted by a low ball offer but look at it as an invitation to haggle. Sometimes low ball offers even later result in full price offers.  We try to negotiate without seeming to negotiate. This can take the buyer off the defensive and allow us to get a better understanding of the buyer.

Once we understand what is motivating the buyer, we are much more likely to get a deal done that is acceptable to both you and the buyer and the motivation is not always money or price. Additionally, all negotiations are done in WRITING ensuring that when a deal is reached all parties have a complete understanding of the terms. This allows us to transition to the next step with a high probability to actually close the sale.

5. Navigate Through the Closing Process

Once we have an accepted offer, we will guide you through the rest of the process. We will ensure that all the other parties involved in the transaction such as Title Companies, Mortgage Lenders, Appraiser, etc. hold to critical timelines, perform their duties, and meet deadlines to keep the transaction on track for closing. When the closing nears, we will verify all closing documents such as the HUD-1 Settlement, Title Insurance, Mortgage Note, Deed of Trust and the like are all properly prepared and ready for execution at the time of the close.

Ultimately our goal is to see you through the completion of your goal. When you choose Coldwell Banker Gold Key Realty, Inc you have chosen a partner that will make it happen for you the way you need it done!

Our Agents are very friendly and would be happy to provide you with a  free, no obligation market analysis regardless of the size, condition, or the nature of your property.