For Buyers

Home buying is a complex process that can quickly overwhelm would-be homeowners. The sales associates of Coldwell Banker Gold Key Realty are here to simplify things and provide assistance every step of the way. It all starts with a thorough analysis of location choices and purchasing power. It ends with a closed sale and a key to the dream house. We are equipped to help you sort out real estate issues whatever they may be.

Step 1: Loan Pre Approval

Lending institutions will look at key figures when evaluating your loan application. We will do what we can to increase the chances of getting an approval studying your credit report, FICO score, and other pertinent numbers. You will then be advised on the ways in which these may be improved before you apply. The major benefit of this initial step is reduced interest rate that ultimately leads to reduced mortgage payments.

Step 2: Price and Location Considerations

Home buyers need to assess the amount that they can actually afford to spend on their home. This makes the search more efficient as the choices will be vastly narrowed down. By getting this right and acquiring a pre-approval letter from the lender, sellers will be more willing to entertain your requests for an inspection and seriously think about your offer on the property.

Step 3: Searching for a Suitable Property

Sales associates will comb through the most current lists to find properties that fit the budget and desired characteristics. Promising candidates will be sent via email updates for review. If you like some of them, then you we could schedule a visit so that you can get a closer look. The search can be as short as a few weeks or as long as several months. It is best not to rush things. Wait until you find a house that truly serves your needs.

Step 4: Making the Offer

This is a tricky part for people who have never purchased a piece of property before. There are just so many variables to consider. We will make comparisons with similar houses in the area to come up with an appropriate amount. The seller is likely to submit a counter offer in response, and thus will begin the bargaining process. It could take a while before both parties agree to the same terms. Patience is necessary while the details are being sorted out. If buyer and seller cannot see eye-to-eye, then offers may be made on other properties that fit the bill.

Step 5: Closing the Sale

Once the price of the house and the terms of the sale have been ironed out, the next step would be to set up the payment mechanism. We will assist you in the escrow process to ensure a hitch-free transaction. Our associates will double check the paperwork to spot possible issues and sort things out right away. Both buyer and seller will have to be fully informed throughout the whole process for the sake of transparency. Coldwell Banker Gold-Key Realty goes the extra mile to make sure our clients come away satisfied with their purchase.